Monthly Archives: February 2015

Third Tuesday Kaleidescope

When we look out over the crowds  on Third Tuesday Supper night, it brings to mind a kaleidoscope.  I remember a neat little cardboard tube that was endless fascination for me as a child.  Filled with shards of cut glass (great to give a young child!) the hundreds of moving pieces and colors kept me engaged for long time.

Third Tuesday is like that whirling glass–people hustling to prepare food, filling the buffet tables, clearing plates, carrying guest plates, colorful desserts, gray hair, brown hair, winter caps, finding high chairs, clearing up spills, colorful children crafts, colorful food, people laughing, people hugging–on and on and on.

But Third Tuesday is NOT a kaleidoscope at all.  Not even close.  It is the Hubble telescope–crisp and clear and precise, taking high resolution photographs of a small piece of life in our Fox Valley.  The TTS clear picture is one filled with people looking for a place to belong, to be heard, to share a story, to listen to a friend’s or stranger’s story.  It is a place to take time to breathe deeply and say “Praise God, good stuff is happening here.”  It is a ministry where we can get our arms a little better around seeing the Holy Spirit at work–where we can more easily witness to each other and our neighbors about our gracious and most glorious God and not simply talk, but do.

God placed Third Tuesday in the fertile ground of the loving community of  UMCG–a place where people roll up their sleeves and “get at it.”  All glory to God for this clarity and blessing.