Monthly Archives: January 2015

Our Italian Supper is in the Books

And we served 590 meals!

There are always many carry-outs in that total–and this was a meal where we served more than usual “seconds”.  Plates were scraped clean.  We take that as affirmation that the portions are right and the food was tasty.

We served 1200 plus pieces of desserts and prepared 300 full sausage links and 1400 meatballs– Sausage from Sams and meatballs from Costco.

Parking was at a premium and at certain times seating was too.  I think that might be one reason why we get such big lines at the start.  I am often asked by volunteers why we don’t open earlier when we have a line of folks waiting.  The kitchen plans for a 4:30 start, and if we opened at 4:15, folks would line up at 3:45.  Two and a half hours is a max output for our crew.

Next month we’re doing our savory stuffed baked potatoes and sweet potatoes.

See you there!

Lovely volunteers