World Famous Stealth Clean Up Crew

I wish I had photos to attach to this blog.  If I did, you would see the legion of folks who “Just Show Up” at about 7pm each supper night and have disappeared into the night by 7:45pm.  But they move so quickly, a camera does not catch them.
Who are they?  Women, men, youth, guests, choir kid parents, supper volunteers, husbands of supper volunteers, wives of supper volunteers, Lovely I Don’t Know Some Names They Move So Quickly people who help us clear tables, break down the buffet tables, put away chairs and get all the supplies back into the women’s closet.  We see them wrapping leftovers for Hesed House, scrubbing pots,  and cleaning the gook out of the dishwasher drain.
The Pentagon should have it so good.  
Thank you Thank you Thank you.  Your work is much appreciated.