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July Nuts and Bolts!

What a night  is now in the books for Third Tuesday Suppers!  We served 707 dinners–our third largest supper–and the #1 and #2 spot were Thanksgiving Suppers!!  Again special thanks to Executive Chef Roberto, his wife Erika and Pepe and crew from Altiro in Geneva.  A
special night.
roberto and erica
Are visions of sugarplums dancing in your head?  NO?  How about visions of 30 cases of corn times 40 ears in a case.  35 watermelons, two cases of limes, 100 pounds of chicken breasts, three 20 pound cases of bell peppers, 40 pounds of onions, 35 boxes of arborio rice, crates of potatoes, various flavored vinegars, gallons of olive oil, cream, butter, fresh mint and arugula  and mixtures of secret Spanish spices.  And pounds of fresh herbs that were new to many of us.  Oh yes–and a partridge in a pear tree!
Our prep crew this month numbered 35 people over two days, including a legion of youth. Many many wonderful people gave prep the extra hours it took for Roberto and crew to create four of his very finest signature dishes.  Who knew roasted corn could taste THAT good.  Speaking of that corn– all ears were husked, then roasted over open flames on our stove, then soaked, then kernels cut off then mixed in the magic sauce.  We have leftovers and it will return again next month till we run out. 
We welcomed “a delegation” from a West Dundee Congregational church who would like to start a supper ministry.  They left with that deer in the headlights look that usually happens with groups who attend and are doing research.  We told the women that the most rewarding ministries are the ones that scare you.  Jumping off the pier is scary–but once you start swimming, you never want to get out of the water!
The hospitality workers report that “plates were picked clean” which means our concerns that the flavorful food might not strike a cord with some folks had no basis.
Special thank you as always to our custodian who rolls with whatever we throw at him–and in this case it meant extra sticky floors, corn kernels EVERYPLACE, and a recycling mountain.
Hesed House is receiving some watermelon salad this month.
Kids’ Corner was beyond hopping.  There were so many kids in there
they spilled into the atrium.


Rest, recover and enjoy the days till our next supper.
July meal