Monthly Archives: May 2014

May Nuts and Bolts

Everyone had all gone home by the time the rain and wind and hail came as an exclamation point on Tuesday’s “Breakfast at Suppertime.”  Thank you to all who came out to prepare, eat, work and clean up.  We served 550 meals–with the vast bulk coming before 6:15 as the skies were certainly threatening.
Special thanks to the “All Girl Crew” in the kitchen.  It was hot and hectic and there was not a lag in the lines all evening.   Well well done, women!!
Kids’  Corner had a neat craft of seed planting. That continues to be a well attended way that kids can blow off some energy and help their folks bring them to eat and talk. 
Next month is the always anticipated Book Give-Away.  Next month–fresh strawberry shortcake and free books –does it get any better than that????
We did have some leftover eggs, hashbrowns and meat and that was delivered to our neighbors at Hesed House.


It was just about five years ago next month that the serious discussion and “what ifs” and creative seeds started being planted by “You Know Who” for the starting of Third Tuesday.  Those seeds were also being planted in your heads and hearts  as well.  God messes with us in that funny way thank heavens. After an evening like last Tuesday–aren’t we all so grateful for this ministry and how it affects our lives and our neighbors lives???