Monthly Archives: April 2014

How About a New Additional Slogan for Third Tuesday Suppers??

For almost five years now, we have been letting people know about Third Tuesdays with our seminal catch phrase–No tickets,  No Reservations,  Just Show Up!  Our guests are still showing up.  We seem to be able to have the right amount of food prepared each week.  We haven’t run out of money.  We haven’t needed tickets or reservations and it just works that people Just Show Up.

When this ministry began, we hoped it would last a year.  We hoped it would catch on and people would like the food we prepared and the hospitality we were serving.  I am not sure that we thought it would become such an important piece of people’s lives for both guests and volunteers alike.  The friendship building for guests and volunteers, the stories shared and the connections made has surprised us all and makes this ministry work month after month.
So we would like to add another catch slogan phrase– “Where eating alone is never on the menu.”

Join us May 20th for “Breakfast at Suppertime” an annual guest favorite meal.  We are always adding to our email list of friends and bakers and volunteers and guests.  Would you like to be included?  email Beth@Little  and receive news a few times a month by email.  You can also follow our blog on and see our updated website.  You can like and follow us on facebook at facebook/

And remember to Just Show Up at Third Tuesday Suppers,  “Where Eating Alone is Never On the Menu”