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“Dog Days of Summer Supper”

Dog DaysJust when you think the evening might be a quiet, just an end of summer kind of quiet night, it turns into a special kind of night!

First and always–our thank yous abound for our 50+ volunteers on supper days, for all those that bake delicious desserts and for all who come to eat, join tables, and share hospitality with our neighbors. These evenings happen because of all of you–and your steadfast commitment to TTS month after month. We are NEVER concerned that we will not have enough workers. Or that our community will show up to join a table. Never!

Dog Days PlateCaprese Salad

This past week, TTS served 560 meals-and had a good number of first timers. What does it take to serve that many? 120 pounds of sloppy jo. 15 pounds of pulled pork, 20 bags of organic corn, 110 large tomatoes and lots of smaller extra, 24 logs of cheese, 600 buns and the shopping list goes on. That meal was VERY good looking on the plate-which is so important with good food hospitality. Our amazing kitchen staff kept it all flowing. (Photos:  Food Presentation and Preparation)


We have said this before–but it REALLY bears repeating. The volunteer ownership in this community service is such a blessing! Our volunteers are welcoming, problem solvers that make good decisions – all part of making the evening special!

More notes about the evening to come soon!

We hope to see you are our table next month!