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Summer…Enjoying Every Bit!

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Who eats 150 pounds of potato salad, 115 pounds of summer slaw, 35 double packages of strawberries, 850 pieces of dessert and 150 pounds of  italian beef???

640 Third Tuesday Supper guests, that’s who!  Repeat that number slowly while sitting down.

Our second largest crowd in 3 1/2 years – mind numbing Thanksgiving total of 719 a year ago is the largest!

As we plan, we often discuss many questions…

  • How long will the guests come to these dinners?
  • How long will our fabulous bakers show up, month after month, with delish home baked and store purchased baked goods?
  • How long will our volunteers–month after month-make time for this community service?
  • When will volunteers get tired and move on to something else?
  • What if no one shows up to Prep Mondays?
  • What if our money runs out and we can’t support it?
  • …And many more!

Any questions we have are always squelched when the volunteers show up, the meal is prepared (and it’s yummy) and the dinners (our friends and family) join us!

 This month, we had the highest number of youth volunteers yet!  With plenty of hospitality and serving workers and a clean up crew that finished before 7:45pm.  With plenty of food–all guests had the advertised meal.  And the weather was perfect.

Join us on July 16th…it will be yet another amazing summer meal bringing together friends, family, community and fun!