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Tuesday April 16th Was A Good Night!

We had a total, from start to finish, 62 volunteers. We love our “always” and “sometimes” volunteers. They make the evening special for our guests, AND, are they ever reliable!?!

Each month, an e-mail is sent out requesting the volunteer needs for the upcoming supper and people respond month after month. After 3.5 years–only once have we had to put out a special second call for help. That is amazing!

As for more details of the evening…We served 510 meals. The as always superb kitchen crew this month cranked out fresh food all night–and our goal of the first meal looking as good as the last, really fit this month. Breakfast for Supper is a complicated meal to prepare–as it takes all ovens and warmers and countertop warmers. Well done with food for all! TTS was also able to provide extra food to Hessed House, serving even more in our local community.

Some of the words/stories from the evening, shared by volunteers…

…A guest told our greeter that she lives alone and she comes early so she can talk to people. Another guest told our greeter that they like to come early because they have a lot of friends they have met and meet each month at the supper.

…“It was a “family” night all around whether people are actual kin or not. One table of regulars who are buddies stayed for well over 2 hours visiting – connecting exactly as TTS is designed to do.”

…“One Mom and Dad with 6 beautifully behaved children – newborn to about 11 years were made so welcome by dining room TTS staff – wonderful! – then the kids neatly bussed their own table at parental direction.”

…“A young woman active in another church was told by friends “You’ve got to go see TTS” so she came to check it out. She raved about it when leaving, amazed by the menu/quality of food, and absolutely loved hearing of the Children’s Corner activities throughout the year. Her plan is to change her child care arrangements so she can bring her children next time.” This month’s Children’s Corner activity was seed planting and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!

…“An older woman who comes alone noted that she was feeling very stressed over watching the news about the Boston tragedy and TTS provided a place to go to be in calm, supportive community.”

…“When asked how they first heard of TTS, most people last evening said that a friend had told them about it – so heart-to-heart the invitation to join the supper moves along.”

Our next supper is May 21st!

Join us as a volunteer, diner…both! We would love for you to join our table! If you already do, you already understand what a blessing these suppers have been on the local community. We are grateful that you are a part of its impact!