Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Good Time Was Had By All…

A good time was had by all last Tuesday as we served 543 suppers. We continue to see new faces each month and friends are bringing friends–both workers and guests. It’s “All good!”

The beef stew seemed to be quite the hit. Our prep crew on Monday was extraordinary–12 people worked to make this tasty dinner. We thank the Holy Casserollers for their help and guidance in putting this treat together. Did you know we used 95 pounds of meat, 17 large heads of celery, 300 carrots and 50 pounds of potatoes? Click here for the recipe.

Our prep crew on Tuesday set a record as well–the dining rooms were set up and ready to go by 2:30. It is so great to see so many volunteers who enjoy their work–and take ownership in how the evening unfolds and making the rooms attractive and the food tasty. It is all in the details!

Kids’ Corner was another hit with story reading and coloring. The kids do seem to gravitate into the library and enjoy this time after supper.

The selection of desserts continues to be a highlight of the suppers. The attention Our Beloved Bakers take to bring goodies is a real delight to see.

Check back for stories about how this community supper is truly touching the lives of so many.  Also, don’t forget to join us on February 19th for an “Italian Winter Supper”!