Monthly Archives: September 2012

589 FREE Meals Served!!!

A heartfelt thanks in an extra dose this month to all our workers and bakers. The August 21st supper fell the night before the first day of school, during last gasp vacations, and a spate of illness nasty–and we still ended up with a great full crew! We could not do it without a community that answered the call for produce, workers and a great clean-up group! Thank you!

We served 589 meals and were able end the evening with a “take a sandwich for tomorrow’s lunch” opportunity. The crowd was slow to build–but as has been the case this summer–it built quickly starting at 5:15. We welcomed a couple new workers who quickly jumped in on the carry out line and at the beverage table.

Food wise—We lost track at 15 watermelons. Turkey sandwiches are more popular than ham, and provolone was the winning cheese. The cuke and onion salad was a “hit” and was quickly eaten. Caprese salads made a very attractive display–and our volunteer will probably never eat another one after coordinating their prep. Guests enjoyed 1300 desserts!

The Kid’s Korner in the library and the clay pot craft was a real winner again. We are grateful to the planning team for creating ways to engage our younger visitors.

September 18th we start our autumn line up of cooler weather suppers–featuring baked ham and “Mississippi Bonnie’s Homemade Mac and Cheese.” Bonnie is an inspirational woman in a very petite UMC church who found us on the internet and shared her recipe. We hope to feature other special recipes at future suppers.

Our next supper is September 18, 2012 – Back to School Supper. We hope to see you at the table…either as a guest, a volunteer, or both! It’s completely FREE and the fellowship and experience are life changing!